Stolen Valor Act

The appeals court's decision overturns an Idaho man's conviction for violating the Stolen Valor Act.
"That weighs very, very heavily on my decision" to endorse [Elizabeth] Warren, the lifelong Republican said. Expanding access
The First Amendment protects not just what we want to say and hear, but also disgusting, despicable statements that we would rather people not say or hear.
Kennedy made clear that the justices did not take lightly the sacrifices made by those who have been awarded the Medal of
Throughout Verrilli's presentation, Scalia seemed to be the lone unambiguous supporter of the Stolen Valor Act, going so
Congress passed the Stolen Valor Act to protect the reputation of military decorations and honors from false pretenders. Such false representations dishonor the decorations themselves, and diminish the reputation.
It should not be for Congress to decide that certain objects' symbolic value warrants trampling on the right of American citizens to engage in free speech.
WATCH the segment here: Just weeks after the New York Times broke the story about Connecticut Attorney General and Senate
Rick Strandlof may have lied about being a decorated Iraq War veteran, but those lies are protected by the First Amendment
Rick Glen Strandlof, a former mental patient who posed as a wounded Marine captain to found a statewide veterans group and