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A new study released by the University of California-Irvine in conjunction with the RAND corporation, a non-profit global think tank, shows a correlation between states that have legalized marijuana and reduced rates of opioid addiction.
By: Tia Ghose Published: July 06, 2015 02:27pm ET on LiveScience.
"Nobody should drive while impaired by any substance, and that’s why there are laws on the books to address it," Mason Tvert
In 2011, Denver marijuana reporter William Breathes memorably demonstrated THC's unpredictable effect on the body. After
People with Kilbey’s BAC typically experience severely impaired motor function, loss of consciousness and memory blackout
Because THC remains in the body for some time after impairment, however, critics say the 5 nanogram limit may lead to false
“As more and more states follow the will of their citizens and implement regulations to treat marijuana like alcohol, it
Public consumption of pot remains illegal, as is having open containers of cannabis in motor vehicles, said Darrell Lingk
Among states' legal limits for marijuana in the bloodstream while driving, Colorado's is relatively lenient. More than a
William Breathes, pot reporter for Denver news site Westword, illustrated Steadman's point dramatically. In 2011, after a
A northern Colorado man is planning to file a lawsuit against the state's new controversial pot DUI bill as it waits for
In our society, we're not punishing people based on their impairment. We're punishing them based on their irresponsibility.
In February, the state's 24-member marijuana task force endorsed the bill meant to mirror the drunk driving limit of .08
The results, while entertaining, unfortunately don't add much clarity to the question at hand. A regular smoker of marijuana
Colorado lawmakers struggle to define what's too high to drive. Marijuana's intoxication measurement levels become a contested debate. Joining Nancy Redd to discuss are guests Wayne Hall, Amanda Reiman, Susan Winston and Leonard Frieling.
This fact of THC's different effect on the body than alcohol's was stunningly shown last year by Westword pot reporter William