"This astonishing discovery offers us new insights into the lives and beliefs of our Neolithic ancestors.”
Sunrise at the prehistoric monument will be livestreamed amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The prehistoric site holds spiritual significance for many Pagans and Druids.
The Winter Solstice this year comes December 21 at 5:45am. The Solstice marks the entrance of the sun into Capricorn. In
Henges were earthworks that began to emerge during the Neolithic period and sometimes, though not always, contained stone
DDL: The works you did the half decade or so before the 9/11 series had many locations: Italy, France, various locations
Thornbury Castle, watercolor on paper I always look forward to painting on site (despite all the inconveniences and distractions
At Stonehenge, we kicked things off with some private time (as our filming permission required us to arrive very early). We