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The stars of the biopic weighed in on the parallels between police violence during the era of N.W.A. and today.
One essential question has received little attention: Is amassing mountains of privacy-sensitive "metadata" technically necessary for effective, lawful electronic tracking and surveillance of legitimate targets? The answer is emphatically no.
But as The New York Times points out, it's difficult to draw conclusions by looking at the stop-and-frisk practices of Newark
It was a mistake to try to casually engage in 140 characters with folks who I thought understood my background and beliefs; instead, folks misunderstood this as a strong advocation of something entirely different. I feel terrible about that and am sorry.
Quinn recently supported a bill to create a NYPD inspector general to oversee the department. She also allowed a vote on
Scheindlin, if she finds against the city, has been asked to order improvements in training and supervision, name a court
The remarks came during a far-ranging discussion with Reuters News' editor-in-chief Stephen Adler that spanned from Kelly's
(Just this week, the mayor also similarly compared the city's teachers union to the gun advocate group.) Mayor Bloomberg
A Reuters analysis of more than 3 million stops from 2006 through 2011 shows that by far the densest concentrations fell