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We are asking courageous New York City Council members to exercise their oversight power by passing the Right to Know Act, which would strengthen police accountability and transparency by requiring officers who stop us to identify themselves.
The mayor -- normally an ally of Torres, Reynoso and other left-leaning council members -- told reporters Wednesday that
The News published an analysis on Tuesday that showed minorities are also disproportionately targeted for arrest in wealthy
In February, Mayor Bill de Blasio dropped the appeal, as he pledged to do last year while campaigning for office. “The law
“It’s all a battle between the haves and the have-nots,” said Tony Herbert, president of the National Action Network’s Brooklyn
A federal judge ruled last month that the NYPD's use of stop and frisk was unconstitutional and amounted to widespread racial
Real safety comes from a police department that follows the law and respects people's fundamental rights, building trust with communities rather than undermining it. This week's historic ruling is a tremendous step in the right direction.
For the millions of innocent men and women like them, who have been accosted by the police over the past ten years, in what are often belligerent and demeaning encounters, and then let go without any explanation or apology, this ruling let them know that they still have a voice.
Does Mayor Bloomberg honestly believe that the city is safer targeting people like me, a middle-aged college professor, mother and journalist? On several occasions I've been suspected of wrong-doing for simply driving while black.
A judge has ruled that the NYPD's controversial use of the stop-and-frisk tactic violated the rights of thousands of New Yorkers. Judge Shira Scheindlin's decision Monday called for a federal monitor to watch over the police department to ensure cops are in compliance with the constitution.