stop motion animation

I've never been a political artist. When I first heard there was the possibility the U.S. could free itself from its dependence
After more than 60 years since Gumby was first created, we are brought back to the good times of the original, and my opinion
Elvin Snowdin wants out of the Northern Surveillance Agency.
Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer don't exactly have skills rivaling those of Bruce Lee -- but thanks to the magic of stop-motion
"I was essentially living off benefit checks at the time. I had no money, but I wanted to make the film. I knew I could make it on virtually nothing if I made everything myself."
" If under all the fancy tools, you don’t have anything there, it’s all just an empty experience." Directors Anthony Stacchi
In this stop-motion animation film about the real meaning of life, a 6-year-old girl narrates and asks, "How sad would it
The short was originally used as a trailer for a 2012 French film festival. It’s now a contender itself, an official selection