stop telling women to smile

So they are channeling their frustrations into glorious works of art.
Safe Hub Collective, an organization devoted to creating public spaces that are secure for all people, conducted a harassment survey in 2013. Out of the more than 500 participants, 88 percent said they had experienced street harassment in Boston.
Ever since the world caught wind of Tatyana Fazlalizadeh's public art project, "Stop Telling Women to Smile," the phrase
"We wanted to [take 'Stop Telling Women to Smile'] to a Latin American city," Fazlalizadeh explained to HuffPost via email
11. You are this bird. 10. You are the host of "Candid Camera." The point is this: Don't tell us how to look when we're out
See more images in the original post at Spend enough time walking down the street alone as a woman, and someone
Since starting the initiative in Brooklyn back in 2012, Fazlalizadeh has taken her inspiring portrait series -- featuring
The catcalls women hear on city streets everyday are the subject of a new art series called "Stop Telling Women To Smile
While some may combat the unsolicited attention with a cold stare, Brooklyn-based artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh has an alternative