stop trump

These #NeverTrump supporters are standing strong.
The death threats were starting to get to Constantin Querard.
"The whole thing has been a disaster from the beginning.”
Today, I'm offering up my own clip show as a retrospective for how we all got to where we stand today: on the brink of Donald Trump essentially wrapping up the Republican nomination for the highest office in the land.
In a last-ditch effort, Texas Senator Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich are joining forces to #StopTrump. Both of their presidential campaigns announced Sunday night that it's crucial to keep the GOP aligned to slow Trump's roll and keep him from the nomination.
They will join forces to attempt to obstruct Trump's path to the magic number of 1,237 GOP delegates.
The basic Republican position isn't that hard to understand. It is: "We are going to deny Barack Obama a third Supreme Court pick, unless Hillary Clinton wins the presidency." That is precisely what some of them believe.
A Trump run will split the right in 2016. The GOP may lose the White House and the Democrats may pick up working majorities in the House and Senate. But that's not necessarily a bad thing for the GOP.
The GOP panic around Donald Trump has risen to new levels, following Mr. Trump's strong Super Tuesday showing. Stern speeches by GOP establishment figures like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney may warm the hearts of GOP leadership, but without a concrete plan they will do little to stop the controversial mogul's march to the nomination.
The RNC could meet in emergency session and prohibit winner-take-all primaries at any time. In the alternative, credential challenges at the convention could be brought against all winner-take-all states which -- if successful -- would then award delegates proportionally, keeping Trump well below the number needed for the nomination.