storing food

No freezer is complete without a stash of cookie dough in it.
Don't let your berries boss you around.
If this handy chart is too late, and your vegetables have already started go soft or turn colors, fear not! There are a handful
Throwing out food scraps and leftovers hardly seems controversial until you consider the stats: Some 870 million people, one-in-eight on Earth, go to bed hungry every night, notes the World Food Programme.
Food waste is a monumental problem. Here are some simple ways to fight it.
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Test your knowledge below and learn how long your food will stay good in the refrigerator and freezer. Correction: This post
Chances are you're storing at least one of these foods incorrectly.
What items might people be surprised to find in your fridge?
What stuff are you firm about keeping in the fridge regardless of the rules?
The Internet is teeming with recipes for how to prepare them, but how do you store these summer gems? Here's how to keep the season's best herbs, fruits and vegetables at their peak as long as possible.