Storm Chasers

Two of the deceased had been featured on The Weather Channel's "Storm Wranglers."
Storm chasing can be dangerous, and even deadly, and is best left to trained experts. Storm spotting is an alternative, and
As a society we encounter nature everyday. Nature and society are linked. A simple act of encountering nature daily becomes important and perhaps profound when we greet nature with artistic lens.
A new blog post from Instagram is highlighting some of its users that are also storm chasers. "For a glimpse into the tornado
2013-01-18-TEDplayvideo.jpgThe power that Mama Nature has over us is a constant reminder of the dark and the light in our personal spiritual journey.
2013-07-18-seamanpull.jpgThe underlying goal of my work is to help trigger an emotional connection, one that I hope will spark a relationship between the viewer and this planet.
These deaths in Oklahoma are a reminder that, sometimes, knowledge isn't enough to create safety. We should always seek to know more but never forget that we don't know all.
The scientists try to get close enough to determine the funnel's path and then set instruments in front to see if they can gather data that may one day help predict formation and, as a consequence, save lives. But what about the news crews? Why are they taking these risks?
"Storm Chasers" aired for five seasons on Discovery Channel before ending in November 2011. "We are deeply saddened by the