Storm King Art Center

Storm King Art Center's new installations offer varying degrees of insight into life on a radically changing planet.
Just an hour away from NYC, Storm King Art Center stretches across 500-acres with large-scale sculptures by the likes of
Storm King Art Center is one of the world's leading sculpture parks. The park is located one hour north of New York City, in the lower Hudson Valley.
(Photo courtesy of AP Photo/Michael Okoniewski) (Photo courtesy of LongHouse Facebook) 6. Dia:Beacon (Photo courtesy of OMI
While Dashi Namdakov's art speaks its own wondrous language, the artist was willing to have a conversation about growing up in an artistic family, his inspirations, his views of the art world, his coming to the United States and about being able to describe himself in just ten words.
I've been to New York's outdoor art museum before -- but never on such a perfect autumn day without a cloud, under a sunny cerulean sky with brushstrokes of red, yellow and crimson painted on the surrounding trees.
Josh is still burned about losing last week since he's the only one on the show or Manhattan or the planet for that matter who needs or deserves an extra $20K (didn't you get the memo?).
February 19 - March 20 Pisces Our Piscean brothers and sisters are oh so spiritual and extremely creative when they want