Trump Reads Story About A Snake During "America First" Rally
The HotBrand of the week is Alipay, the payment system of Alibaba. Alipay publicly announced the launch of a new social media
As cliche as it sounds, by telling your story you'll realize you were never alone.
Although we can't undo the past, we can recognize a derailment and take action to get back on track.
The actor says immigration is the "biggest gift this country has ever had."
In the last three years, we've witnessed a boom of "Gold Rush" proportions as companies, brands, and artists scramble to develop virtual reality tools, platforms, and content, trying to figure out what will win out in this new frontier.
In her words, "I knew nothing better. I absorbed what I saw - my mom's bubbliness and my traveling salesman dad's self-belief
What matters is that the individual himself accept the time and energy needed to metabolize and integrate the psychic change in order to continue with life in the present.
As we continue to digitalize our presence, our "self" moves further into a digital space. We are struggling to define ourselves in a space that doesn't exist, it is overwhelming.
In the world of personal and professional development, you could often hear the phrase, "those that show up, go up."
How will you take care of YOU this month? (And every month?)
At times, a story demands more credibility than we can muster, so we change some of the details to reconcile ourselves to
I'm sitting in the airport terminal with my husband and three kids, all of whom are anxiously awaiting our Disney vacation. We've only had this adventure scheduled for eight months and have been counting down with my phone app. Don't think we weren't happy when we hit single digits.
It is not inevitable that we continue to live in a matrixed world of faux-civilized barbarism. We can change this once we
To become a great pitcher, you need to read the news every day. You need to be on top of what is happening in your industry
The absolute beauty of Mother Nature is undeniable. Her majesty and scope are breathtaking, but she has a gnarly underbelly. This thorny realm is intertwined with and feeds the beauty that we see.
Awe isn't always a comforting feeling -- sometimes it can be downright frightening -- but it's a powerful way to cut through the monotony and see things in a new light. We hope that the awe exercises on Greater Good in Action will be a useful starting point as you aspire to make your life more "awesome."
And how her Latino roots shaped who she is today.