Story of O

Contemporary artist Natalie Frank brought “The Story of O” to life in drawings decades after it caused controversy. In the process, she faced a similar backlash.
Will mankind be condemned to an existence of loving sex? Is that the next rung on the evolutionary ladder. Taking a Darwinian
Austryn Wainhouse, the translator, writer and publisher who died last September at the age of 87 in Uzes, France, was the second translator of the erotic French novel, Histoire d'O or Story of O by Pauline Réage
More than a hundred friends and family gathered on a bright, sunny day in Le Rayol's city hall to say farewell to Jean-Jacques Pauvert, the iconic French publisher, who died on September 27, 2014. He was 88 years old.
What should we make of the fact that American women have made a huge bestseller out of a novel that might be titled Fifty Shades of S&M?
As a reading experience, Fifty Shades or Grey is a sad joke, puny of plot, padded with conversations that are repeated five or six times and email exchanges that are neither romantic nor witty.