Last year, she publicly accused porn darling James Deen of assault. Here’s how she’s getting back to work — and herself.
"I believe that [sex workers’] safety is important and that it can be improved."
Reading through the "we were wrong" headlines, it's clear that the masses are wondering: How could it be that someone who was public and likable and funny and into consent was allegedly raping his coworkers and other women?
The adult film star told The Daily Beast he's been "completely baffled" by what women are saying.
In all of the dialogue flurrying across our feeds, the following conversation needs to arise: Did the porn industry actually create the fertile ground upon which women would be raped? Or is James Deen just the bad apple ruining it for the rest of the team?
Now is a powerful moment of mainstream media attention to sexual assault of victims that often get ignored -- because they're sex workers, because they're promiscuous, because they drank, because they are black, because they are poor, or because they have criminal convictions.
Here's everything that's happened since Stoya's initial allegation.
The adult film star is speaking out in the wake of numerous sex assault allegations against Deen.
Two more former co-workers as well as an anonymous acquaintance now say Deen has abused them.
"There are a lot of cons to bringing a rape incident to light. There are even more for a sex worker."