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In all of the dialogue flurrying across our feeds, the following conversation needs to arise: Did the porn industry actually create the fertile ground upon which women would be raped? Or is James Deen just the bad apple ruining it for the rest of the team?
Now is a powerful moment of mainstream media attention to sexual assault of victims that often get ignored -- because they're sex workers, because they're promiscuous, because they drank, because they are black, because they are poor, or because they have criminal convictions.
#SolidarityWithStoya is shutting down myths about sexual assault.
In the same way that all porn directors aren’t crafting the exact same vision of sex, all people aren’t turned on and titillated
Stoya explained to HuffPost Live's Ricky Camilleri that when she and her boyfriend went shopping for beds, they stopped to
As a result, pops is often confronted with her lifestyle choices head on. When he goes to a porn site for some instant gratification