straight outta compton

Shieeeeeeeeet. This news is a real downer, but it’s good to be informed? 1. Brexit has been triggered, folks. Scotland’s
The upcoming Lifetime film will chronicle the singer's abusive relationship with Dr. Dre.
I had an opportunity to catch up with Aldis Hodge to discuss his acting career, to laugh a little with him in between our chat, because he is quite the comedian, and to discuss what's next for him in his upcoming roles.
Back in the days of The Revenant people had to eat the raw insides of dead animals to survive. There were no vegans back
Straight Outta Compton was one of the best movies last year. However, it did not receive a nomination for Best Picture -- and that snub is among many this season sparking the color controversy for the most coveted prize in show business: The Oscar.
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Getting Hollywood back to Hollywood is a big job, but the Made In Hollywood Honors now has the organizational players who
Reaching across the aisle to drop those sick rhymes.
This picture is definitely worth a thousand words.
While the anger surrounding the lack of diversity for this year’s Oscar nominations may have subsided, there continues to
I used to be obsessed with movies -- I arguably still am, though it's impossible to get to the multiplexes when you have
"Spotlight" is still the front-runner, but it's hardly guaranteed to win.