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Getting Hollywood back to Hollywood is a big job, but the Made In Hollywood Honors now has the organizational players who
With the Golden Globes taking place Sunday, January 10th, nominees, presenters and other A-list talent had a chance to attend gift lounges around Los Angeles where they received everything from clothes to beauty products to trips.
After topping the box office for yet another week, the highest grossing music biopic of all time may be straight outta facts
The phrase was integrated into the N.W.A story for laughs, but does it represent something more?
Mashup culture has jumped the shark. Straight Outta Gotham shows how much this artform has entered into the mainstream, and how it will increasingly lose its soul.
I would recommend seeing Straight Outta Compton. I hope the producers recognize their obligation to the community that is making it such a success. The movie has a lotta heart. Now Cube, Dre, and F. Gary Gray, please show that heart to Compton.
Of the core trio of actors, all three deliver. While's O'Shea Jackson Jr.'s relative newness to acting is evident at times, he has an undeniable screen presence that, coupled with his uncanny resemblance to his pop, manages to do a lot of the lifting.
With the recent crisis in our nation surrounding police impropriety, violence and even murder, is our nation ready for the re-popularization of the music that gave us the "F-ck The Police!" chant?
"If E was here, he would like it so it's cool."