Strait of Hormuz

Crude oil is up nearly 4% as the world waits to see how Iran will retaliate.
It was the latest incident in the region amid months of heightened tensions between Tehran and the U.S.
The incident, involving two foreign ships, comes a day after Iran seized another tanker and the U.S. claimed to have downed an Iranian drone.
It's the latest escalation in a tense standoff between Washington and Tehran.
The U.S. says it was a limpet mine attached to the ship in the Gulf of Oman. The Japanese vessel's owner says something flew toward the ship.
Some 20 Iranian boats looked on as the USS George H.W. Bush entered the Strait of Hormuz.
Absolutely no context has been given to Iran's actions. To listen to the media spin, you'd think that this all happened in a vacuum. You'd think that Iran was acting impulsively, for no reason. You'd think Iran was being overly hostile.