A quick-thinking girl hid behind a pickup in order to evade a stranger following her in a car.
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It becomes more complicated (and pretty weird) when the comments involve body parts. For example, someone might say, "She
“It’s just beautiful that there are people out there that are willing to give up there own time and come together and be there for somebody.”
Who hasn't spotted a stranger somewhere and wished they could muster the courage to speak to them, to come up with some socially acceptable excuse to tell them what we're thinking?
A few months ago my school schedule changed and I began going to the gym at an alternative time during the semester. Once
"I definitely gravitate towards sad music. Back when I was in high school I would buy a CD and find the saddest song on the record and listen to that."
It's funny -- sweat is sweat, and, in theory, all of it should be equally gross. But there's something about knowing someone that mitigates the grossness of their bodily fluids.
*** Weeks later, I still think about this family of survivalists. The violence of her perspective exposed the blurry edges
Obviously, you want to look good since you'll be capturing every moment on Snapchat and Instagram. But remember, music festivals = sweaty people, mud, spilled drinks, and other ick. If it's not washable or disposable, don't bring it.
I get it. New York and other major cities are big, filled with lots of people, and ripe for trouble. I've met countless people
There are 7.4 billion people on this earth, how many of them have you talked to? Robbie Stokes Jr. worked for Congress. After
Fifty-six percent of Americans believe houses or rooms can be haunted. One in five believes Bigfoot is a real creature; about the same percentage are afraid of zombies. Yet at least until the walking dead put up their own candidate in the New Hampshire primary, those are not the concerns that should frighten us the most.
Ambra and Jennifer aren’t twins, because they are 10 years apart — but they are what’s called twin strangers.
News Flash: love is still our strongest emotion! How I Became The Bomb capture this on their song, "Ulay, Oh."