Strategic National Stockpile

The president also told ABC News that his efforts to reopen parts of the country could result in "some" additional deaths, "but we have to get our country open."
Experts have been predicting a global flu pandemic for years. So why was the U.S. so unprepared for coronavirus?
“I couldn’t tell you when my next delivery was coming in," Veterans Health Administration manager complained to The Washington Post.
The Democrats sent a letter urging Trump to explain what happened with the national stockpile and what Jared Kushner's role in the coronavirus task force is.
When it comes to protective equipment, medical supplies and the economy, Trump's many promises have failed to materialize.
Trump health officials said that 3.5 billion N95 masks were needed to respond to this epidemic but only .33% of that number was distributed to states.
The host of "Last Week Tonight" is fed up with Jared Kushner, who is both the son-in-law of and adviser to President Trump.
An AP report found agencies responding to the coronavirus pandemic waited far too late to bulk order essential medical equipment for health professionals.
President Donald Trump has insisted that the stockpile is only a short-term backup for states.
He told CBS News' Weijia Jiang she should be "ashamed" for asking about medical supplies and said states should "fend for themselves."