Strategic planning

The U.S. spent a record $306 billion on weather and climate-related disasters in 2017.
Given the increased awareness of how these traditional industries contribute to climate change, mining and their related
In leveraging large-scale events, specifically for those with a taste for the "foodie experience" the market has shifted. Costs have skyrocketed making it imperative that these events are successful.
Scott Goodson: Why this book now, I recently asked her? Goodson: Can you share a few examples? Another great example is the
Building Your Customer Profile Identify your customer in painful detail. Your description should enable anyone to see the
The war against violent extremism is not over but if freedom loving nation's and peoples of all faiths unite to oppose religiously-based oppression and tyranny, Paris provides hope that we are at a turning point.
Focus Area Three: Mitigate one of your gravest threats. Every business faces threats - those things that could deeply hurt
The key here is to develop a balance that works for you, so that you are embracing the system and using it and not feeling confined by it. It's ok to allow yourself some flexibility as you move throughout your day!
Recently, a faculty colleague from another university asked if I thought it appropriate for the chief information officer to chair the university's strategic planning committee and would it not be more appropriate for a faculty member to be the chair.
That requires creating a culture within our firms where data is highly valued, so that we become progressively data driven