Seattle, Washington has banned the use of single-use plastic straws and utensils.
These astonishing facts will make you rethink every piece of plastic you use.
Is it possible to arrange 20 infinitely long cigarettes in such a way that each one touches the other 19? No bending or breaking is allowed.
Plastic straws and stirrers are the Number 7 most common item found on beaches worldwide on International Coastal Cleanup
Ketchup clogged? Cork floating in your wine? Need a quick and painless way to put cherries? All these problems can be solved with the simplest of culinary instruments: the drinking straw.
When the act of sucking is not being frowned upon, most of us who suck straws fall into pretty familiar categories. Some
And they'd have even more fun in your cocktail.
Although they may look this way, these straws are not just Slim Jims with a hole punched in them. Hirko and his business