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It seems like forever ago since Lana, once proclaimed "the saddest dog in the world," has actually lived up to that nickname
On a very hectic Saturday morning at Animal Medical Center of Chicago, a recently rescued pregnant pit bull came to see me
Obama will visit a country that is still growing sugarcane and tobacco, making cigars and rum, and needs America, too. Not just our billboards and neon, but also our willingness to learn from our Cuban hosts.
"They're official for us but the state doesn't always look so kindly on them," she said. "When they come and say there can't
Animal rescuer Marina Tarashevsce, the leader of local volunteer organization Dallas DogRRR - Rescue, Rehab, Reform -- investigated
Due to overwhelming numbers of animals that need surgery and aftercare for free, and the near-impossible logistics and cost of setting up and staffing clinics all over the globe, most will not have access to spay/neuter programs.
Fixing your pet can be expensive, but there are some solutions for low-income families around the country, like The Toby
“Dogs are known for their loyalty and companionship, whether it’s a normal dog in someone’s home or in Afghanistan, in my
Ridhi Rohatgi, Raj Sampad and Siladitya Ray, artists behind live-action, short-film company Incendiary Films, noticed him
I stopped, pulled over and walked back to the dog. He was still standing guard on the bridge. As I approached, he began barking, then jumped down behind the bridge and started to run. I turned my back and sat on the bridge to see if the dog would settle down. I was in no hurry.
Shooting stray dogs is common practice in Iran. However, now the northwestern city of Tabriz has become the first and only city in the country to outlaw killing street dogs. It's all thanks to the efforts of one Iranian woman who is campaigning for those who can't speak for themselves.
It is impossible to measure the economic impact stray dogs have on the tourism industry, but I maintain that Caribbean islands have probably lost millions in first-time or even more important return visitors because of the prevalence of stray dogs.