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The elusive artist's mural of a woman in a gas mask is now under police protection.
The famed street artist's 90-second clip ends with an unexpected threat.
Lee Quinones and Charlie Ahearn join HuffPost Live to take a look at 30 years of 'Wild Style.'
The elusive street artist has copped to one piece in Borodyanka and is presumed responsible for at least three more murals in the war-torn country.
Street artist 1GoodHombre wanted to use the “ridiculous situation” of the Oscars slap to raise awareness and money for relief efforts in Ukraine.
Walls around the world are being transformed into tributes to Ukraine amid Russia's invasion.
Chicago-born artist Pegasus slammed the Russian president's "senseless taste for blood" with his new piece in London.
The famed anonymous street artist snuck onto the set of "The Outlaws" to paint one of his trademark rats.
A 10-minute bidding war broke out over “Love is in the Bin,” which sensationally self-shredded during its first auction sale in 2018.
The piece which sensationally self-shredded in 2018 after selling for $1.4 million is up for sale again at several times its previous price.