street art

The New Jersey city gained two towering additions to its colorful street art scene this summer.
Jody Thomas painted the 15-meter-high tribute to the campaigning Swedish schoolgirl in Bristol, England.
The street artist crashed the famous event in Italy with an unauthorized installation.
Franklin Street subway station features tributes to the Queen of Soul.
“Rip up the president’s Walk of Fame star or try to have it removed ... and 30 more will pop up," the anonymous street artist said.
“Women make a huge contribution to street art and it’s great to see them recognized."
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are about to be transformed.
"People can't handle the truth, especially when it's painted out in a picture for them."
Can you identify the elusive street artist's murals after they've been blurred?
The anonymous street artist highlights Turkey's imprisonment of Zehra Dogan with his new 70-foot-long piece.
His latest piece appears to be a poignant critique on the rat race.
"Being a selfish little bastard, as a junkie, the whole world revolved around me. Now it’s repentance time."
Artist Julia Fox was honored to model for Close. Then, she says, he told her, "Your p***y looks delicious."
Clever street art won't last forever. But neither will Donald Trump's presidency.
“We have to create the change we want to see,” says Brandan Odums.
The US Mexico border wall is getting a facelift thanks to the biggest street artist since Banksy