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The artist honored the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots in the most vibrant way.
Banksy vs. Bristol Museum was the elusive street artist's boldest stunt to date -- and it paid off in a big way.
"It’s an unwritten key ethos of the society, giving back and helping."
"What’s the opposite of LOL?” the British street artist posted to Instagram.
“Women make a huge contribution to street art and it’s great to see them recognized."
His poetry saved my life. first saw slam-o's mysterious poetic aphorisms in downtown Philadelphia four years ago.
The rumor mill is churning, and the art world loves nothing more than a good ol' mystery.
Now, he squeezes epic landscapes onto the sides of residential and commercial sites, populating his creative worlds with
Italian street artist 'Blu' climbs the facade of a former military barrack in Rome on April 24, 2014 (ALBERTO PIZZOLI via
h/t Sploid Is it just some highbrow abstract art? Are the artist's simple lines trying to tell us that life and the world
Feast your own eyes on a selection of photographs taken as JR said goodbye to his impressive finale. Below are even more
All photos courtesy of Mehdi Ghadyanloo Ghadyanloo began decorating Tehran's high-rises and office buildings about eight
The Swimming Cities of Serenissima had a great crew, including a clown, a cellist and a member of the band Dark Dark Dark
Two of L.A.'s biggest street artists, Teacher and Chod, collaborated to create a giant street art installation entitled "The Church of None of This is Real."
"Suburban" opens July 27, 2013 at the National Gallery of Victoria and is on view until September 15. Film still from “SUBURBAN
In the video above, Seb captures the L.A. legend's delicate process from start to finish. Seb's film follows Fairey as he
What do you think, dear readers? The street artist's last-minute creative changes went so far as to prompt officials to change
With connections including Andy Warhol, Grace Jones, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Madonna, Haring quickly embodied the energy
RR: I would say, in terms of appreciating or understanding performance art, I would go with Vito Acconci. His work allowed