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“Injections save lives, both yours and mine, as anyone that has watched ‘Pulp Fiction’ will know," artist John D'oh said of his John Travolta art in Bristol, England.
"It’s him getting close to freedom from the virus,” said U.K. street artist DIFF, whose 78-year-old father has self-isolated throughout the pandemic.
"Aachoo!!” the British street artist captioned an Instagram photo of his latest piece.
Street artist Elle painted a three-story-tall mural of the late Supreme Court associate justice in New York City.
The European Union’s intellectual property office said the street artist had filed the trademark for his "Flower Thrower" piece in bad faith.
The street artist used an analogy of a broken pipe flooding a downstairs apartment to explain why systemic racism "is a white problem."
"I’ll tell you what freedom means to me: no fear," the artist Pegasus painted in solidarity with anti-racism protesters.
The anonymous street artist's latest piece honors those on the front lines of the pandemic.
The anonymous street artist's "Girl With The Pierced Eardrum" piece is updated for the pandemic era.
The British street artist showed how he's redecorated the bathroom with rat paintings during coronavirus quarantine in a hilarious Instagram post.