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What began as a mind-clearing 'craft project' has turned into an international phenomenon. WRDSMTH's signature artwork--a
Boy, were we wrong. When we invited Ada to preview the work (read: challenge Patrick and Patrick to a few rounds at the Deluxx
From lesser populated countries to global superpowers, here are works of street art for every country in the world. A total
Street art is not what you expect to encounter in the elegant lobby of Santa Monica's luxurious Hotel Casa del Mar, which makes the hotel's newly installed temporary street art installation a most welcome surprise.
(See more of her work here) (See more of her work here) 8. Olek: Born in Poland; based in USA Shamsia Hassani, 25, looks
What happens when 150 artists from 30 different countries converge on one island off the coast of Tunisia? In short, an entire
One of said residents is photographer and urban explorer Yoav Litvin, who's giving New York street art the glossy book treatment
Sampsa said he was humbled by just how high the stakes were for Egyptian street artists. While his campaign helped shape
Mural by Honet in Prague. 11. Santiago, Chile A general view of 'La Tour 13', a street art building demolished earlier this
Is that a huge pile of cocaine, a rolled up 20 dollar bill and an American 'Excess' card? It's not hard to understand why people are bowing down to LA street artist Plastic Jesus and his wonderfully satirical brand of subversive art.
For the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival's 20th year, 400 artists participated in the event. The festival, which is said to be the country's largest, is a great way to appreciate the process of creating artwork.
ELLA & PITR © "We are used to working in abandoned buildings and factories because the walls are beautiful. They have a story
7. Prague, Czech Republic (Artwork and Photo by Jetsonorama) 5. Johannesburg, South Africa (Artwork by Anthony Lister/Photo
In the video above, Seb captures the L.A. legend's delicate process from start to finish. Seb's film follows Fairey as he
FKDL's new wall celebrates Audrey Hepburn for her May 4th birthday in the Brussells district where she was born. Liz Taylor is her special guest.
WHO: Margaret Kilgallen HuffPost Arts&Culture is celebrating Women's History Month with the help of our favorite artists
Passing by someone performing in the subway, a common critique might be, "Wow, that person is pretty good," but would you ever go beyond dropping a tip in the hat?