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Suddenly, thanks to Pokemon Go, retro video games are all the rage and Nintendo is back! Kids and parents are having deep conversations about video game lore past and present.
One of the biggest "Street Fighter" questions may finally be answered.
Sometime between 1996 and 2002, the concept of the video arcade finally died out completely. There were no flowers or heartfelt eulogies. In fact, its demise was so ignoble that it's essentially impossible to put an exact date on it.
I don't remember when my son started eating solid foods. I'm not entirely sure when it was that my son took his first steps. And sure, I guess I remember his first day at preschool. But by far, the most memorable milestone he's had so far was throwing his first Hadoken.
While the loss of Pete’s golden retriever face from TV is very sad, we’d like to take this opportunity to send Pete off by
Conan has lived the dream of every video game lover: to play on a stadium-sized screen. To top it off, he finally found a
U.K. animator Junior Jesman has paid tribute to Street Fighter and "Breaking Bad" by creating an awesome battle video that
"The Pete Holmes Show" returns Monday, February 24 – the same night "Late Night With Seth Meyers" premieres – but until then