Street performance

A North Carolina sister-brother act goes from street corner to arena stage overnight.
With record numbers of young Americans entering colleges and universities every year, many people are raising concerns about the employment prospects for an entire generation, the Millennials.
5. Is it finely honed dexterity? Or the blackest of magic? Your brain will spin circles at the sight of London’s Master of
First off, there are rules and etiquette to busking, also known as street performance. Rule number one is you never ask people for money. This is not an act of desperation, but an act of self-promotion.
This human "statue" really sprang to life when a jerk pestered him. But the wet willy and face rub were apparently too much
"Wow! And again, wow, " he wrote in a blog post back in October. "On Saturday, September, 2011 I passed the preliminary audition
A video uploaded to YouTube Saturday caught a Chicago rider jamming to his own beat on a CTA bus. The impromptu performance
The Edinburgh Fringe Festival has been running since August 6th, but it hasn't lost any steam as it comes to it's final lap