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Now that we've mapped the drive, time to map what we're breathing.
If El Capitan doesn't offer enough adventure, Internet thrill-seekers may also be interested in visiting Everest Base Camp
Sounds of Street View is a new "sound experience" project that embeds audio into Google Street View, allowing armchair travelers
Prominent research psychologist and author Dr. Robert Epstein, age 60, was killed yesterday afternoon by a Google Street View vehicle while crossing Front Street in San Diego, where he has long resided.
It's pretty simple to apply for a Trekker, you just have to explain the project you have in mind, give your contact information
Over the past 18 months, Google Innovation Lab employee Dan Fredinburg hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Elbrus (in the Caucasus
"Los angostas crestas y los caminos empinados y expuestos del Gran Cañón nos ofrecen el terreno perfecto para probar nuestro
Parques, ciudades, castillos y atracciones turísticas se siguen sumando junto con las nuevas colecciones especiales de Sudáfrica
The latest underwater shots are part of Google's World Wonders Project, a platform that uses Google Street View technology
Promoting the Maps service to businesses as a new and novel way to increase customer interaction, Google is currently enticing
Street View sigue incorporando paisajes a sus mapas, y esta vez es el turno de las ciudades prehispánicas. Las primeras en
Check out the slideshow below to view more of the DIY-streetview Camera System. On pricing, Streetview Technology General
Since it launched its Street View project back in 2007, Google has brought far-off places like the Amazon rainforest and
The Western Cape winery additions -- Boekenhoutskloof, Groot Constantia, Hartenberg Wine Estate, Môreson Winery, Rustenberg
On the Google Places Business FAQ Page, the issue of privacy is addressed as follows: Privacy issues aside, business owners
While it's not the first time Google has tackled an epic rail trek -- they took the Trans-Siberian in 2010 -- this is the
Ohana said Israel dropped its concerns after the deal. In Israel, where the public is on constant alert for attacks by Palestinian
Google's Street View cars collected the locations of millions of laptops, cell phones, and other Wi-Fi devices around the
TechCrunch reports that Marissa Mayer, Google VP of Location and Local Services, told a crowd at the Social Loco social networking