Doctors are voicing concerns about LEDs' effect on sleep.
At the Danish Outdoor Lighting Lab, or DOLL for short, the streetlights are anything but ordinary. From brightening when
Seven months after the announcement, it still seems like the largest municipal bankruptcy filing (at least up to this point) is the stuff of legend. But the failure that crowds out the rest, no doubt at least partially due to its ubiquity and ordinariness, is the persistent non-functionality of those streetlights.
Highland Park, Michigan, a city in the greater Detroit area, is the latest town to implement dramatic austerity measures
House Republicans pledged to cut one hundred billion dollars from this year's federal budget. They aren't going to, because
LED lighting is an excellent and meaningful first step we can take on the long road of becoming a clean energy/cleantech society.
The lights are going out all over America -- literally. Colorado Springs has made headlines with its desperate attempt to
For a price, Colorado Springs residents can restore power to some of the 8,000 to 10,000 streetlights being turned off by