You can download the complete guide here: Here's what my Plan looked like, in a nutshell. I lived abroad
Our bodies are unique so fuck feeling bad about yourself because of perceived imperfections.
Strength comes in all different forms, some people wear their strength like a badge of honour shouting to the world "YOU
This has been the conflict my entire life. Why do men attempt to suppress, is it a power play to gain some type of control
Have you ever failed at something so miserably that the thought of attempting to do it again was the last thing you wanted to do?
In the recent Presidential race we have seen where all parties have been called out for the lack of integrity or acting out
It is too broad a sweep to discuss all women in politics in short form writing. I am however a woman in politics and it is particularly worth discussing how being a woman in politics affects my life, my choices, my family, and the decisions I ultimately make when I am sitting in board rooms and courthouses discussing decisions that will affect the future. I have always been political.
Is your personal brand taking you to the places you want to go in your career?