Reduction of stress is an important step in normalizing the physiology so that it can function in an integrated and healthy manner, but "busting" stress is, after all, a side benefit of TM. Let's enjoy the natural outcome of this technique -- growing in unity consciousness -- enlightenment.
If this is the case, try a moving exercise to stimulate your body, get your blood pumping, and energize your nervous system
If you're in the middle of a busy workday or if you have young, demanding toddlers around, you might find it impossible to carve out even 30 minutes to meditate or do yoga. Sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day.
Start a scrapbook. 13 Ways To Beat Stress In 15 Minutes Or Less originally appeared on Write mental thank you
Prevention can allow us to build up little moments of calm throughout our day that we can draw from when we feel ourselves tensing up or revving up. Try taking revitalizing little breaks to increase that pool of calm inside of you and remind you that life is not a race.
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You can't avoid the 171 varieties of cheese at the grocery store, complex work situations, or the challenges of raising a family. What you can choose to do each day is only put yourself in situations where the stress is worth it.
It's helpful to have a few stress-busting techniques to reach for when stress starts to creep up on you and take you hostage. Here are a few of my favorite busters. Try them yourself and see if you find them as helpful for relieving stress as I do.
De-stressing is too stressful. I resolve to embrace life's challenges. To look at each chore, like scheduling a physical, as part of the foundation of happiness. To embrace failures as evidence of being a real person. To concentrate on the joy of living and give myself a break.
You've been thinking about your wedding day for a long time (no pressure) and have a vision in your mind of how things are supposed to be. This is a one-time experience and you want to get it right. All this adds up to one intensely stressful experience.
You are not a bridezilla. You have not been planning this wedding since you were three and Barbie and Ken were your role models for love. You want a simple, meaningful, shenanigan-free wedding and you have somehow ended up a crazy person.
This 50-pound big-time-loser is here to tell you that the best way to begin anew is to make sure that the energy in your home is supporting your new healthy eating and living style.
"It's actually totally boring concentrating on your breath," says Dr. Michael J. Baime, director of the Penn Program for