It's no secret that having a poor handle on stress is bad for your health. And now, a new study in mice shows how exactly activation of a gene linked to stress could potentially lead to the spread of cancer.
While stress hasn't definitively been proven to cause cancer, other research has suggested it can play a detrimental role
In a city where 62% of the people work overtime, many stores stay open past 10 p.m. and 6.5 hours is the average amount of time people sleep a night, recovering and living with cancer in Hong Kong is like trying to swim upstream.
Communicate: Speak from your heart with truthfulness, authenticity and respect. Relax into open listening and heart-full
How we meet the challenge of the cancer journey effects the quality of our experience and of our lives. We discover the uninvited opportunity to turn suffering into wisdom and compassion and thus heal and transform along the way.
When you're constantly feeling overwhelmed and anxious, the cumulative effects can be dangerous.
Yoga. Mediation. Slow, deep breaths. Maybe even tai chi. Men with prostate cancer take note -- these relaxation techniques