stress relief tips

Don't have the time for deep breathing and exercise? Try these fun ways to lower your blood pressure and ease your mind.
Lily Stroud, yoga teacher based in New York City Lying on the floor. It's grounding and you break the cycle of trying to
Add 1 tablespoon of dried passion flower in a cup of boiling water. Allow to Steep for 10 minutes. 5. Green Tea (Camella
Four child hood activities we can all bring back in our life-our adult life- full of responsibilities, bills, and errands.
Let's face it, bad days are going to happen. You know, those days when the tiniest of things can set a whole slew of stressful events into motion. Just like a hurricane, a preparedness kit is key. If they can't be avoided, then our best route is to have a plan for dealing when the time hits.
You don’t have to tell dog lovers the feeling is both mutual (and very real), but a new study published in the journal Science
Free yourself: Try acting relaxed when you get a review. Even though you may feel crushed or defensive, send physical signals
Instead of wasting energy by catastrophizing about stressful situations, SEALs spend hours in mental dress rehearsals before
Hah, you say. "Easy for you. I have good reasons to be stressed. You just don't understand." Well, I do. I've been there