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Still, the brain functions optimally when it's not under stress. Previous research has shown stress to have a significant
And though women may cope better with stress in some ways, as the study found, previous research has determined that women
"Our intuitive notion of avoidance is that it's counter-productive, that it's running away from your problems," Bonnie Cheng
But the precise reasons why overweight individuals secrete so much more cortisol -- and how cortisol regulation occurs in
Studies conducted so far on reducing stress in the workplace have found that meditation can be effective in relieving stress
To put the mice under stressful conditions, the researchers gave them damp blankets, altered light patterns, and tilted and
And another relaxation-inducing practice, mindfulness meditation, has been shown to lower stress levels, reduce symptoms
Sierra Nadeau, a high school freshman who participated in the study, told the Globe and Mail that she experienced anxiety
In the latest research showing just how important the handling of stress is, a new study shows that having a stress-prone