Do you remember anyone at Davos discussing how to avoid another Wall Street Crash of 2008, in past years? No. Or how can our "elite" bankers build a more stable financial infrastructure? No.
Timothy Geithner's bank stress test is worthy of the Noble Prize in Economics and is the most important financial innovation in two decades. Having spent decades abating and resolving financial crises around the world, he was able, willing and ready to abate and resolve our own Wall Street Crash of 2008.
The problem with our legal system is that there is too much legalese and not enough prosecution. Imagine, over the last seven years banks paid out in fines, $150 billion of shareholders cash. In my opinion, proving once and for all, that these banks did not suddenly become dishonest.
You can use stress as a test in every moment to see if you are mindful. The more you check in with your stress, the more often you can choose whether you have a reason to stay stressed. And (and this is so important) which form of mindfulness will create the experience you want right now.
We have become so habituated to work and family stress that we regard it as normal. But chronic stress is anything but normal. We need to put an end to stress before stress ends us... and we can!
In "Stress Test," Geithner argued that the amount of mortgage fraud "deserved a more forceful enforcement response than the
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But however the numbers work out, Summers' account of the administration's thinking on housing is simply not compatible with
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