Vertical: Turn the bolster horizontally, bend your knees, and lie down on your side. Bring the top of your outer upper arm
Because a good day starts with a good night 🌚
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No, you won't look awkward.
Working on flexibility is the most important thing you're not doing. These exercises are a great way to get started.
When we're happy, we can thrive in our work. This practice will make your whole body happier in just a few minutes at your desk. Yes, yoga at the office -- we dare you to try it!
Plus, how to limber up and lower your risk of injury.
Simple, effective, and no gymnast-level skills required.
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"Just naturally let those shoulders open up and let the chest start to stretch out," Marrone says. The good news is that
Consider this your chance to ease into your day and the long Memorial Day weekend (the beach is calling your name!). Photo