The union and U.S. automakers are bracing for an especially tough fight at the bargaining table this summer.
Unite Here just won four union elections at Marriott properties, victories it traces in part to the 2018 work stoppage.
Typically, unions rally for a candidate. But using targeted texts and emails, the Sanders camp rallied for unions.
Drivers with the ride-hailing companies are demanding better pay and working conditions.
The grocery chain says workers will return Monday after an 11-day work stoppage.
Workers at the grocery chain walked out of stores at 1 p.m. sharp on Thursday after bargaining talks broke down.
“We drivers are being exploited and being taken advantage of by these two giant companies,” one ride-hailing company driver said.
Workers at the Service Employees International Union headquarters are accusing the union behind the Fight for $15 of hypocrisy.
Over 500 street demonstrations around the country marked International Women's Day.
A new contract reached between California teachers and the Bay Area school district includes higher wages and reduced class sizes.
Thousands of California teachers in the Bay Area city are demanding better pay and classroom conditions.
After a merger with GE Transportation, the new employer "wants to turn this into an Amazon warehouse," the union says.
It’s a good lesson for striking teachers, activists at Google and participants in the Women’s March.
After years of weak bargaining power, U.S. workers finally went on strike in massive numbers.
The strike lasted six school days and affected nearly half a million students.
We aren't just striking for pay. We're striking for the future.
The school district has half a million students. Only a fraction of them have been showing up this week.
Thousands of workers reached an agreement with the nation's largest hotel chain after a multi-city, nine-week strike for better pay and protections.
The U.S. has agreed to delay a planned Jan. 1 tariff increase to allow the two powers to iron out their trade differences.