As a queer woman who grew up in a conservative setting, burlesque dancer Jo Weldon found freedom, fun and her calling in underground nightlife.
The comments in a video provoked backlash, but the rapper tweeted that she did what "I felt I needed to do to make a living."
“I’ve never felt so confident in myself than when I took my robe off to reveal my plus-size body in lingerie. Ever."
That is the reason why timeless dance works become classics -- the strength of the art maintains the ability to transcend time through the new creative breath of each new performer.
From striptease to joint-jumpin' swing, 'Bunny Girl' features a variety of funky, dance-inspiring songs performed by percussionist
"And then I say that the pole is my apparatus," she laughed. "There is a tremendous amount of talent here," Measday said
Modern burlesque dancer Michelle L'amour stopped by The Interview Show to discuss her art, her career and her upcoming Big Sexy Show at the Mayne Stage.
I recently found myself involved in a discussion with a 20-year-old friend about how striptease could be an empowering experience for a woman and how it could also be completely free of sexual content.
There is a long and honorable tradition of military wives (and, these days, military husbands) going the extra romantic mile