stroke risk

The suction likely created a blood clot that traveled to his brain.
Remember, strokes are preventable. Be informed. Knowledge is power. Make a commitment to be empowered in your health!
My grandmother had a stroke six years ago. Having such a close relationship with her, I took it very hard. But I could never have imagined that, just four years later, I would come to relate so strongly to her.
Learning a new language is great for your brain.
Asking for help is also something I've gotten better at. I was hesitant to accept help at first, but as soon I found out that my heart health could be a real concern, one of the first things I did was call my mother and ask when I could take her up on her offer to stay with me and help out.
And surprise, surprise, it's worse for low-paying service jobs.
It's the third-highest cause of death among women in the U.S.
Not very many of us are young at heart.
Our cultures of origin -- Mexican, Puerto Rican, Salvadoran, Cuban, Colombian or other Spanish-speaking countries -- are rooted in family, in connecting, helping each other become the best we can be, putting our children first and supporting each other through good times and bad.
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Unfortunately, most Americans don't know the signs of a stroke, but they need to. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the United States and the No. 1 cause of disability. Being able to recognize a stroke and getting to the hospital quickly can make a huge difference in reducing its potentially devastating effects. Here are some tips that help you recognize a stroke, and what you should do if it happens to you or your loved one.
"But still, if we put everything together - my opinion is that having a purpose in life is very healthy, and this is the
Sleeping more than eight hours has never been proven to be a cause of poor health. A more likely explanation is that excessive sleep could indicate an underlying health problem, like heart disease, diabetes or sleep apnea, which actually do increase your risk of stroke.
Silent stroke is likely caused by a blood clot interrupting flow to the brain and usually causes no symptoms but is considered
The decrease in risk linked to fruits and vegetables remained consistent in both men and women, by type of stroke and by
Overall, African-Americans had lower scores than whites, but the connection between scores and stroke risk was similar for