stroke risk factors

New studies show that this mineral can significantly help keep your health in check—especially for women.
Asking for help is also something I've gotten better at. I was hesitant to accept help at first, but as soon I found out that my heart health could be a real concern, one of the first things I did was call my mother and ask when I could take her up on her offer to stay with me and help out.
People with optimum scores enjoyed a 48 percent lower stroke risk than those with inadequate scores, and those with average
While coffee and green tea had a significant impact on one’s risk of stroke, the study found no connection between risk of
It is easy to revert back to your old habits and continue to put yourself at a high risk for another stroke or heart attack. Take a few moments, meet with your doctor and start changing the way you live -- it just may save your life.
Depression, they wrote, can cause certain physiological and hormonal changes in the body that in turn increase stroke risk
Dr. Williams' book also offers life-saving practical tips on stroke prevention. Here are just a few of the stroke prevention strategies.