Stuart Milk

The confirmation comes ahead of a visit to the U.S. by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
There is much more to be done to ensure that the LGBT community is endowed with the same rights as all humans across the globe. But what I saw in Hungary last month gives me hope. People like Tim Cook give me hope. And my own son helps me believe that we will someday bring about real change in the world for justice for all.
He was posthumously awarded the Medal of Freedom by President Barack Obama in 2009, which Stuart Milk accepted on his behalf
Sometimes we are both highly visible as physical beings, while being invisible as social beings who deserve the same dignity, respect and human connection as everyone else.
SAN FRANCISCO -- One day after the U.S. Supreme Court's historic ruling against the Defense of Marriage Act and California's
Honoring Harvey Milk with a day that commemorates him helps to send the still dire messages of hope, inspiration, and equality. It also boldly states that we do not live in a culture that tolerates violent oppression.
When Stuart Milk accepts the Medal of Freedom tomorrow, it will be tinged with the thought of what might have been -- for Harvey, for our movement, and for our country.