Officials take action after students post disturbing video of what occurred during an online class at Oxnard College.
They were baptized by gunfire their freshman year. Now, their senior year is being punctuated by the coronavirus pandemic.
As limited in-person schooling resumes, students, teachers and staff are subject to random testing.
"I do not know what my students sound or look like, as they rarely come off mute or turn their cameras on."
Millions of students have unequal access to the great equalizer.
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"It turns out the content of my TikTok was apparently more than just a little notable. It was, for lack of a better word, atomic."
Nevertheless, the long-term study found little to support conservative claims that colleges brainwash students into becoming liberals.
They're unproven and traumatizing, particularly during COVID-19 when students and teachers already confront so much, the physicians say.
"We have a lot to teach the American people."
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The Roc Nation School of Music, Sports & Entertainment will begin enrolling students for the fall 2021 semester.
In a HuffPost/YouGov poll, half of the public worries that the risks of reopening schools outweigh the consequences of keeping them closed.
The doctors are "strongly" in favor of in-person learning, while acknowledging that universal masking may not be realistic.
University of Connecticut student Peter Manfredonia, 23, had been the subject of a six-day search involving several police agencies and the FBI.
The education secretary's new Title IX rule adds protections for the accused and lets schools skirt responsibility for assaults entirely if they take place off-campus.
The lawsuit also accuses the evangelical university's president, Jerry Falwell Jr., of putting students at risk by welcoming them back to campus as COVID-19 spread.
The governor banned in-person classes after a New York Times report found students with COVID-19 symptoms were welcomed back to Liberty after spring break.
Students worry about how losing the rest of the semester on campus will affect their professional plans and educational opportunities.
In an earlier incident, a professor compared the phrase "OK, boomer" to using the racial slur.
The state has also received complaints that the test discriminates against disabled and non-binary students.