Students protested in response to reports that Jerry Falwell, Jr. engaged in self-dealing and sent offensive emails about students as Liberty's president and chancellor.
Gov. Gavin Newsom included $42.6 million in the new budget to support a second year of free tuition for first-time, full-time California community college students.
The victims, all students at either Clark Atlanta University or Spelman College, were celebrating the end of orientation and the start of the new school year.
The incident raises serious concerns that concealed guns intended to protect students could kill them.
Also referred to as "summer learning loss," here are ideas for making summer education more effective and accessible to students.
A teacher accused staffers at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts of racially profiling her students during a field trip.
An officer was arrested on suspicion of discussing sexual activity with a minor after a man used a Snapchat "gender switch" filter to pretend he was a teen girl.
An estimated 17% of U.S. students do not have access to computers at home and 18% do not have home access to broadband internet.
“I wanted to see how far I could get,” Mark Lindblom, 19, told a federal judge.
Keanon Lowe, a football and track coach and a security guard at Parkrose High School, tackled an armed student before anyone was injured.
A trial date was set for the former Kentucky middle school teacher, who also allegedly flipped the bird at another student.
UNC-Charlotte also identified the victims of Tuesday night's shooting on campus as six students, two of whom were killed in the attack.
A Texas junior high school assistant principal has been placed on leave after making a student cover his shaved hairstyle with a black marker.
The housing crisis is alive and well, even at an elite institution like the University of Southern California.
The B.A.R.K. program at the University of British Columbia features 60 dogs of mixed breeds, some of them from high-kill shelters in the U.S.
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Two young men wearing hoods killed six students and two teachers before taking their own lives, authorities said.
The teacher allegedly attacked the student after she sprayed perfume that bothered his allergies.