Student Activism

She has been detained for two weeks over claims that she supports the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.
The shooting left one student with an injury that wasn't life-threatening.
March For Our Lives marks the biggest political moment yet for the student-led movement.
As a Columbia University undergraduate in the 1980s, he complained the school had been taken over by liberals.
Birk's goal was simply to introduce his pupils to modern slavery and invite them to think about it. He decided his duty was
History has a damn stutter, repeating itself over and over again. Oppression evolves--we were never post-racial, and y'all know it.
College Debate 16, organized by Dominican University of California, is working to focus on the issues that millennials care most about. Students representing every state discussed the questions America's biggest voting block, our generation, wants answered--and that was a responsibility we all felt.
For five days in early August, the iconic capital of the United States served as the backdrop for the eighth annual Millennium Campus Conference (MCC).
The time for silence and patience is long gone. Congressmen Lewis and his colleagues have vowed to keep going with their fight as soon as the House returns from its July 4th recess. We must stand with them as they continue to get into "good trouble."
By Isabella Bejar, The University of Texas Austin '16 Activism is something I joined on a whim. But then it became an integral
At a time when the voices of bigotry, racism, and war mongering have in many ways, become the loudest, we cannot allow New York State to silence those students fighting for peace. This nation, and indeed the world, need their voices now more than ever.
Many of you have probably already read about Brock Turner, a former Stanford athlete who was found guilty of sexually assaulting
"You’ve challenged the forces of racism by disrupting the veneer of complacency, to speak the truth."
She filed a federal complaint against the university, prompting an ongoing investigation.