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NCAA Division 1 schools alone generated at least $9.15 billion in revenue during fiscal 2015. Coaches make millions.
My New Year’s resolution is to make sure the sports we love are fair, safe and not racist.
Anyone who cares about ending abuse within collegiate athletic departments should be very worried.
The GOP lawmaker was an assistant wrestling coach at Ohio State, where Dr. Richard H. Strauss allegedly abused hundreds of student-athletes.
We’re expected to believe these elite athletes are just regular students who play sports in their spare time.
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“You can thank your liberal politicians,” the now-former Texas Wesleyan University coach told the student.
These days, children seem to be given every opportunity by their parents to experience success in sports and every other
11. You have zero social life while you're in season. Both of my teams have a 24-48 hour policy, which means no alcohol 24
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While Ezra's differences have never stopped him from pursuing his dreams, the strength he's had to demonstrate throughout his young life is apparent.
What is really at stake in this new world is how to redefine the intercollegiate athletic enterprise outside the outdated parameters of such archaic terms as "student athlete." Unless that happens, the continuing regime of corruption, decay, and commercial greed will render the entire enterprise a total and complete farce.
Today there are close to 500,000 student-athletes competing in the U.S., but only around 1 percent of them will ever go pro. Some would argue, though, that student-athletes are already professionals, and that the idea of amateurism is a misguided one.
When the media discusses college sports, it seems to focus much of the attention on NCAA Division I athletics. Quite often, too little attention is paid to the important role of Division III athletics at campuses all over the country.
Being a student-athlete is a full-time job, it's not easy. But in the end team comradery and a scholarship check at the beginning of the quarter or semester makes it all worthwhile.
"I did a bunch of math and I asked my dad and he thought I was nuts," she told KARE 11. But that didn't faze Simon. "This
Arne Duncan must know that the "student-athlete" is a joke, a very bad joke. College professional athletics are indefensible. They should be abolished immediately.