student athletes

The toothless babble of HB-2 "protects" no one other than perhaps employers whose employees have more restricted rights as a result. Let's repeal this political mess that backfired on McCrory and will backfire on Berger and Moore as well if we don't move on.
The ability to focus is the foundation of so many things related to consistent athletic performance.
I’ve been in locker rooms as a prep, college, and professional athlete, and currently as a high school football coach.
An elite swimmer and a sports psychologist discuss mental health post-season and post-career.
It goes without saying, the athletes embroiled in these controversies and embarrassments are responsible and should be held accountable for their behavior -- whether it be criminal or simply immature. But they are not the only ones at fault.
For student-athletes, balancing partying, homework, and sleep can be a struggle.
Division III, the largest grouping in the NCAA's membership, aspires to be the purist form of intercollegiate athletic competition. As there are no athletic scholarships, all athletes compete for the love of sport.
Derrick Henry got paid so much less than the strength and conditioning coach.
The bill would have canceled scholarships for athletes who boycott games.
The Third Angel Day. We call it his angel day - the day that Simon died. In 2007, Melissa Fair attended Simon's Fund's very
I've been watching college football for years, but it was only at the end of last season that it dawned on me that for a number of those years I've been watching field goals and PATs fly between the uprights and into the "good hands people" net of Allstate Insurance.
The effect of compensation on fan interest has been a subject of contention in antitrust lawsuits against the NCAA.