Student Debt

The Department of Education apologized for the mistake and blamed a “vendor error."
The Department of Justice filed a request on behalf of the Biden administration on Friday asking the Supreme Court to lift the hold on the plan while the legal proceedings play out.
A U.S. judge in Texas has blocked President Joe Biden’s plan to provide millions of borrowers with up to $20,000 apiece in federal student-loan forgiveness.
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday temporarily blocked Biden’s plan while it considers an appeal by six Republican-led states.
The budget deficit has roughly halved in size, but critics say student loan forgiveness adds unnecessary red ink.
"Seeing students leave with neither degree nor ability to pay back their loans unsettled me ... and I began to question why I was doing this work at all."
Officials jumpstart process so forms can be filed now for debt relief.
The White House is gearing up to roll out its plan to alleviate student loan debt, and Republicans are doing everything they can to shut it down.
The legal action filed Tuesday by a Wisconsin organization states the plan violates the 14th Amendment’s equal protection clause.
President Joe Biden's plan to forgive up to $20,000 per student loan borrower is facing a legal challenge from GOP-led states.