student loan crisis

As exciting as it is to see student debt already at the forefront of the election, it's hard to get too optimistic for change when Congress has demonstrated an unwillingness to advance legislation that would provide relief to those buried in student debt.
The fate of student debt will be determined not by new measurements but by what happens to it in real time as defaults and debt forgiveness continue to mount. Unfortunately, we still better keep our eyes on the horizon.
In a new report, 73.1 percent of loans with one servicer ended up in default.
Stop minimizing student loan debt as an issue. Stop looking at students as numbers in an excel spreadsheet that can be sliced, diced, segmented, and silenced. Stop pretending like America isn't profiting off the backs of its youngest and most vulnerable workforce.
A new website shows debt levels and annual earnings for former students of colleges that accept federal student aid.
Increase comes despite lower loan delinquencies overall. Poor servicing likely a culprit, former regulator says.
For some graduates, paying off their student debt just became a gamble. Student loan debt has become an increasingly pressing crisis in the past several years, with politicians all suggesting solutions to help graduates pay off their student loans. New Jersey Assemblyman John Burzichelli recently proposed a student loan debt lottery.
If you are having trouble paying a student loan due to financial hardship or special life circumstances, you might qualify for a student loan deferment. The student loan deferment process is quite simple for the right individuals.
Her name is in the news every week for opinions or actions she's taken in the Senate, but what has led Warren to the prominent positions she now enjoys on the national stage?
The most commonly cited reason for defaulting on student loans is the inability to afford monthly payments. If you believe your chance for default is high, there are preventative tactics to make sure you don't suffer the consequences of a student loan default.
She has not specifically laid out how her government spending reduction plans would affect student loans. She has been criticized in the past though for her stance on budgeting and student loans.
Believe it or not, these aren't sob stories. Instead, they're tales of victory.
Last week, Senator Rand Paul demonstrated his concern with college affordability.He wants to allow all tuition and student loan debt to be fully tax deductible. Though this plan would be beneficial to students and their families, critics have pointed out that the wealthy would benefit the most.
For Jeb Bush, former Republican Governor of Florida and heir apparent to the Bush dynasty, an official presidential campaign
Marco Rubio, the junior Republican Senator from Florida, will formally launch his presidential campaign on Monday. Facing a crowded field of competitors, he hopes to carve out a space for himself as the fresh-faced Republican who challenges the party's establishment and connects with younger voters.
For the seven in ten college graduates with student loans, managing education debt is a solitary struggle. If you find yourself as a member of this silent majority, it can be difficult to understand your own debt burden in the wider context of the ongoing national crisis that fills in the headlines.
Colleges and universities need to take the lead on this, and while there are some government restrictions on what we can do, there are some relatively simple things we can do that can make a real difference. The Responsible Borrowing Initiative at WGU is a case in point.