student loan interest

One demoralizing aspect of paying student loans is the interest. Each month, only some of the money you send off is actually going toward the principal - and your education is costing far more than the sticker price.
Nearly all student loans have options to defer payments while attending college; however, making payments on your student loans while still in school can save you thousands of dollars just by the time you graduate.
America is a land of givers, overall donating more time and money and are more likely to help a stranger than other nations. Since giving is an inherent part of our culture, we often forget about the tax aspect of our donations.
With tuition, living costs and transportation costs all escalating, some students are opting to cut back on their academic career, attend a different college than their first choice, take longer to graduat and even stall or forego the college process altogether.
While we continue to hear isolated stories about students struggling with insurmountable debt, the overwhelming majority of those who borrow money pay it back, and are able to do so because of the additional compensation their degree affords them.
Debtors with high interest rates on their federal student loans would refinance into cheaper loans under proposed legislation to be unveiled this week, in a move that would lower borrowers’ burdens and potentially hurt private lenders and investors.
The CFPB has noted the dearth of refinancings for student loan borrowers and is working to increase debt refinancings and
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