The U.S. Department of Education is forecast to generate $127 billion in profit over the next decade from lending to college students and their families, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Shahien Nasiripour joins HuffPost Live to discuss.
The Education Department, on the other hand, has told some refinancing supporters that a plan to enable borrowers to refinance
The U.S. Department of Ed. says it has been working to help borrowers who are struggling under the weight of crushing student loan debt.
“This is fundamentally about our values and what kind of country we want to be,” said Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.). “With
The Education Department profit is likely to arm critics such as Harkin and Warren as they attempt to reduce students’ borrowing
Policymakers at the Federal Reserve, CFPB and Treasury have grown increasingly worried in recent months that indebted households
The federal government is due to book $51 billion in profit this year off new and existing federal student loans, according
Warren recently introduced legislation that would reduce rates on some new federal loans to match the interest rate that
The Education Department's collection efforts are aided by loan default specialists, including NCO Group Inc., a company